We believe that our novel technology could significantly reduce the cost of medical imaging systems. We plan to seek collaborations with world-leading healthcare organizations and companies to provide affordable, early detection imaging services for all.

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Cold cathode Nanox.TUBE
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5 Nanox.TUBE
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Connected to the Nanox.CLOUD

* Concept device. For educational purpose only


Sony invested substantial resources in the development of this technology for over a decade


years developing the source for the medical imaging industry


patent families, in various countries

Nanox.CART X-Ray System, FDA cleared, using the NANOX.SOURCE

collaboration on a new Korean factory to increase Nanox MEMs production capacity


Nanox.TUBE Economy of scale - target $100

* Image taken using Nanox.CART X-Ray System, FDA cleared

It is easier to integrate our chip into the tube making process than the filament module, so the process is quicker

Recall the transition from the Edison light bulb to LED light

NANOX ARC body scanner

Nanox.ARC Multi source

Digital / Small footprint / Costs is substantially lower than existing market alternative / Enables simple architecture / Energy efficient duty-cycle / Rapid digital switching

NANOX ARC body scanner

* Future Product, Not yet regulatory approved.

Increase Medical Imaging Accessibility - Nanox.ARC

Nanox Arc 3D digital whole body scanner

* Future Product, Not yet regulatory approved.


NANOX would transmit all imaging data to the cloud SaaS platform


The platform would employ a matching engine to match scans to radiologists

Nanox.CLOUD Services

Medical AI systems would provide first response and decision assistive information

Radiology specialists would provide diagnostics online

Hospitals and doctors would have real-time global access