X-ray Reimagined

We have developed a digital X-ray source enabling a cost reduction of imaging systems by orders of magnitude.

We are a global company planning to mass deploy imaging systems driving early detection preventive healthcare as ta prime standard of care.


Not enough medical imaging systems

Accroding to the World Health Organization (WHO), 2/3 of the world population have no access to medical imaging systems and the remaining 1/3 suffers from weeks and months of wait time for an access to a system and diagnostics results.

Early detection via medical imaging can potentially save over 8 million lives annually for cancer patients alone

Medical imaging systems (such as CT, MRI, PET) are prime early-detection tools for symptomatic patients.

Traditional systems are too complex and expensive for mass deployment

With a $1-3 million price tag for the top range of medical imaging systems, a timely, preventive screening for symtomatic patients still remains the privilege of the few.

Our technology changes all that

Introducing the Nanox.ARC

15 years of development produced a novel digital X-ray source that enabled a significant reduction in medical imaging systems cost and footprint

The Nanox Initiative

Driving Medical Imaging Availability

Mass deployments of medical imaging systems at an affordable per-per-scan service model.

Aiming to deploy 15,000 systems globally by 2022

Nanox works with govenrments and medical establishments for making medical imaging available for all socioeconomic communities

Our global 1x1x1 initiative for preventive healthcare

1x screening for each
1x symptomatic patient, every
1x year


Our leadership

A strong execution team with decades of relevant experience and proven track record of large-scale global projects, medical systems engineering and business expertise alongside with multiple success stories of bringing innovation from idea to market

Ran Poliakine

Founder & CEO

The founder of the wireless charging industry, a serial entrepreneur focusing on global life-changing technologies and inventions in across multiple categories

Hitoshi Masuya

Co-Founder and Head of NANOX Japan

Originally co-invested in the Nanox project with Sony, now leading the Japan operation and a member of the board

Dr. Morry Blumenfeld

Chairman of the Advisory Board

Over 35 years with GE, Mr. Blumenfeld has amassed considerable experience in developing and commercializing diagnostic medical systems, including CT and MRI

Yoel Raab


Ex-Intel and Orbotech Medical exec., Yoel has BSc. and MSc. degrees in Applied Physics and Microelectronics with a proven track record in product development

Anat Kaphan

VP Product Marketing

Ex Mazor Robotics, Philips Medical, and Lumenis, Anat has an extensive record with over 20 years of experience in medical systems development and marketing

Lydia Edwards

President NANOX USA

Lydia has spent the last 15 years in the medical field, focused on the sales of pulmonary and critical care solutions in the U.S. and international markets

Avi Levin


Ex PWC, Credit Suisse, and Broadridge Financial Solutions, Avi is a US and Israeli CPA with extensive experience in corporate finance and governance

Tal Shank

SVP Corporate Development

Over 15 years of international experience in commercial law and global business development. Tal has a substantial track record with private & public companies

Dr. Amir Ben Shalom


With over 250 patents granted & pending, Amir is a scientist, engineer, author, teacher and a renown expert in high-power, analog circuits and electro-optics

Bruce Edwards

VP Business Development

A serial entrepreneur in the medical and high-tech fields with an established track record in global marking, sales, and strategic business development

Contact us

If you are a medical imaging system vendor, a radiology association representative, a medical diagnostics AI company, a government agency, a healthcare disruption enterprise.... contact us. We have a lot to talk about.

We welcome anyone who supports  the nanox.vision and believes they can contribute to this cause.

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