Our Vision

for better health

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Our mission

Scan globally to protect one’s health

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Our challenge

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of the world’s population have no meaningful access to medical imaging.

The majority of the remaining 1/3 suffer from weeks and months of wait time to access medical scanners and diagnostic results.
‍Early detection remains theoretical.

Existing medical imaging systems are too expensive and complex for mass deployment.

Our solution

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metal filament heated

From One metal filament heated to 2.000° Celsius requiring special cooling and rotation mechanics

silicon chip emitting digitally controlled electron streams

To 100 million nano-cones field on a silicon chip emitting digitally controlled electron streams under low voltage

We are currently focused on 3 great missions


We plan to proactively promote our business plan via the deployment of 15,000 units by the end of 2024 and become the largest medical imaging network.


We believe the industry should shift to a service-based, pay-per-scan (MSaaS) business model vs. the legacy capital investment model.


We are focused on realizing our vision to provide a worldwide end-to-end medical imaging solution.