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Why Choose Radiology Marketplace?

24/7/365 Coverage &Turn Around Time(TAT)

Modalities Covered: CT, MR, US, ECHO, NM, X-RAY, DEXA, PET CT

300+ radiologists registered on the platform

US Based, Board Certified, Fellowship Trained Radiologists in 50 states


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Nanox Marketplace is a unique solution, built by radiologists, for the imaging industry.

We took all the best items from a typical teleradiology provider, removed the pain points, and augmented it with a state-of-the-art web-based platform. We host radiologists and cardiologists, ready to read any volume of studies. All physicians are US based, licensed, and board-certified. There are no minimums to meet.

There are no implementation, sign-on fees, or technical support fees. Based on your company location, radiologists will be automatically matched with your account. With a large number of Radiologists on the platform ready to read, the TAT is the industry’s best!  Our staff will assist with all information for your facility’s credentialing needs.


Nanox Marketplace Imaging Facilities

Imaging Facilities

Imaging facilities, as well as multi-state chains, are faced with high pressure to turn around large volumes of studies, whether they are an independent group or connected to a hospital. We recognize that it’s not always possible to get the TAT you need, as well as process all the volume while being efficient with your expenses, and therefore we created a perfect augmenting tool for our clients which integrates with most facilities PACS systems.

Nanox Marketplace solutions for independent imaging facilities and multi-state chains can be compared to a typical teleradiology service. We take it a few steps ahead, by providing the client with the flexibility to choose when they want to use the marketplace and which modalities and volume to outsource without sacrificing the quality of interpretation by utilizing our sub-specialty trained physicians.

Mobile Diagnostic Companies

Mobile Diagnostic Companies

Mobile imaging companies are our specialty. We know all the intricate details about running this business and have anticipated all solutions at the forefront. As a mobile client, the main differentiating points among your competition are report timing, quality of interpretation, and price. Your business is open 24/7, and so are we.

The Nanox Marketplace is filled with over 300 radiologists who are always ready to tackle any volume, no matter what time your imaging study arrives. Nanox Marketplace technical specialists are seasoned professionals in resolving connectivity issues between an imaging machine, handheld x-ray and US devices, laptops, and PACS systems. We help our clients as if we are your back office technical support department.

Correctional Facilities & Nursing Home Systems

Correctional Facilities & Nursing Home Systems

Nanox Marketplace proves to be a reliable partner for our clients that specialize in prisons imaging and in the nursing home industry. Besides the apparent fact of accuracy in readings provided by the Marketplace physicians, we also recognize the need for integration with the providers EMR systems.

With point click care being the number one choice for the nursing home provider. We have invested time and money into the connectivity bridge, helping our clients save valuable time.




You purchase Nanox Marketplace payment credits: 1 credit = $1USD



Each time you place an order through the marketplace, it shows you how much Nanox Marketplace credits it will cost you.


Get Report

Once the reading doctor submitted the report and you accept it, the payment is deducted from your Nanox Marketplace account and added to the reading doctor account.

Payment System

Nanox Marketplace has created a first of its kind, immediate payments system for the imaging industry. A turnkey solution, web-based platform that requires no hardware to buy or technical knowledge to use. All it takes is an internet connection to be up and running, ordering interpretations when you need them. No commitments on volumes. No usage fees. No support fees. You are in control. However, we offer HL7 integration as needed for our customers.

Radiologists on the marketplace are ready to read any volume, any day of the week. Payment for their work is handled by the Nanox Marketplace platform and occurs at the time of your acceptance of the physician’s report. As they say, a happy doctor is the best doctor - which is why we have developed immediate payments to radiologists with funds deposited immediately into the radiologist’s wallet on the platform.

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