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Using routine medical CT imaging already available in the system

  Can help identify more patients with early chronic conditions

Can help identify patients with asymptomatic undetected chronic disease earlier in their patient journey

 Can help clinicians to identify patients at risk and improve patient care

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Population Health Solutions

Nanox.AI solutions provide the ability to use AI to highlight and help identify patients with asymptomatic undetected chronic disease, initiating earlier diagnosis and preventative management

HealthCCSng cardiac solution

HealthCCSng cardiac solution

FDA Cleared | CE


AI algorithm that automatically detects coronary artery calcification (CAC) to help identify patients at risk of coronary artery disease without a need for discrete imaging.

Disease state of focus

Coronary artery disease (CAD)

Product description

Nanox.AI HealthCCSng assesses CAC levels, a core predictor of future cardiac events, from a healthcare organization’s routine chest and abdominal CT scans, not specifically performed for CAD assessment

CAC is a key metric that can enable early intervention, as patients in the highest CAC category are over 20x more likely to suffer a cardiac event (e.g. cardiac arrest)

Nanox.AI HealthCCSng device uses AI processing to analyze organizations’ throughput of non-contrast, non-gated chest CT scans to quantify CAC, appending CAC level categories and provide the clinicians insights on potential patients at risk

NanoxAI HealthCCSng algorithm can automatically populate the CAC category, that can be included in the radiology report, which can then be used to trigger a best practice care recommendations and increase early diagnosis and treatment for patients at high risk

Bone solution

FDA Cleared *


Algorithm that automatically detects vertebral compression fractures  and low bone mineral density to help identify patients at risk of musculoskeletal disease without a need for discrete imaging.

Disease state of focus


HealthOSTbone solution

Product description

Nanox.AI HealthOST assesses presence of and vertebral compression fractures (VCF) and low bone mineral density (BMD), key warning signs of osteoporosis, from a healthcare organization’s routine chest and abdominal CT scans not specifically performed for osteoporosis assessment

Nanox.AIHealthOST identification of VCFs or low bone density can enable early  intervention, as the World Congress on osteoporosis estimates ~66% of VCFs go undetected or unreported in osteoporosis cases, which affects about 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men over age 50

Nanox.AI HealthOST uses AI processing to help physicians analyze organizations’ chest and abdomen CT scans that display the spine to identify VCFs and low BMD to identify patients with suspected osteoporosis.

NanoxAI HealthOST algorithm can automatically populate the VCFs and low BMD results , that can be included in the radiology report, which can then be used to help physicians make clinical care recommendations and increase early diagnosis and treatment for patients at high risk.

Fatty Liver solution

Fatty Liver solution

In development


AI algorithm is being developed to identify patient’s with fatty liver without a need for discrete imaging

Disease stateS of focus

Hepatic Steatosis, NASH

Product description

Fatty Liver (HealthFLD) solution is being designed to detect fatty liver on chest and abdomen CT scans, acquired for any indication

Nanox.AI's potential benefits to healthcare systems:


Increase the number of patients identified with early chronic conditions


Can detect patient conditions earlier


Healthcare professionals identify patients with chronic conditions and direct patients to appropriate clinical pathways


May generate revenues for your health system with an attractive ROI model


Increases system-wide productivity by directing patients to appropriate clinical pathways


Bolstering the medical facility’s cutting-edge and innovative capabilities


May increase revenue due to higher patient retention within the medical system 


Can direct at-risk patients to a clinical pathway for revenue generating medical work up


May reduce costs of chronic disease management by helping identify patients at risk earlier

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Nanox.AI improves patient care abilities

Healthcare providers and payers can now benefit from AI medical imaging technology by identifying early signs of chronic disease in large populations and raising the quality of care

Nanox.AI empowering the healthcare system data

Nanox.AI’s medical artificial intelligence technology was designed to leverage the vast volume of existing medical images and high demand for imaging health care, a largely untapped pool of big data, to help identify early signs of chronic disease in large populations, integrating with clinical workflows of clinicians and helping to promote cost-savings for the broader health system

From predictive to preventive

Nanox.AI solutions can help identify at-risk patients who will benefit from preventive care

The ability to identify patients with subclinical chronic disease offers an opportunity to provide early intervention to patients that can substantially reduce critical events and hospitalization. Nanox.AI includes insights based on established clinical pathways. Our solutions enable primary care physicians to provide early intervention for newly diagnosed patients

AI empowering radiologists

Nanox.AI’s reliable cloud-based technology and seamless integration within existing workflows, is an artificial intelligence augmentative tool highlighting imaging findings with measurement that streamline the radiologists' workflow enriching their diagnostic report to include these subclinical chronic disease findings alongside the reporting that addresses the original clinical indication for the imaging. Using this tool, radiologists can be empowered to become leaders in the field of preventative healthcare

Works seamlessly in the healthcare workflow

Telehealth Medicine published a pilot study from Spectrum Health that described how Nanox.AI’s fully automated software programs, including HealthOST (bone solution) and HealthCCSng (cardiac solution), can seamlessly integrate within existing workflows to highlight measurements findings that physicians can act upon

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