X Ray Technician



Job Description

We are looking for a professional and experienced X-ray technician. The technician will participate in the development of different devices and applications and is required to perform technical tasks associated with the operation and development of X-ray based devices, applications, etc


  • Assist radiologist with procedure protocoling and performance
  • Evaluate the images scans for technical quality
  • Participate in preclinical & clinical studies and assist with clerical functions related to the studies.  
  • Maintain accurate records for simulations, experiments, preclinical &clinical studies
  • Provide orientation for new technologies and new applications
  • Provide education and training for the company’s staff and others related individuals
  • Perform all tasks associated with the operation of the device(s) and application(s) and contribute to the formation of the imaging process protocol
  • Produce 2D (plain) x-ray imaging and tomographic images of specific body parts
  • Assist the radiologist, CPA, physicians, project manager, and others with procedure performance
  • Assist with education and training of and for end-users of the device(s).
  • Perform other duties related to the work


  • A formal diploma from an approved School of Radiologic Technology; additional professional courses and academic credits preferred
  • At least 5 years of work experience as a technician. R&D experience is an advantage
  • Demonstrated understanding of the basic principles, theories, concepts, and practices in X-ray based devices.
  • Familiarity with imaging modalities such as Digital and Conventional (plain) Radiography,CT, MR applications, Nuclear Medicine, U/S, and other  
  • Familiarity with the industry standards, techniques and regulations


  • Team oriented and flexible; ability to respond quickly to shifting demands and opportunities
  • Abilityto work in an environment of remote collaborators
  • Abilityto multitask and juggle competing priorities.
  • Languages:  Hebrew, English

Send your CV to HR@nanox.vision